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Equipping You to Kick A$$
in Business and Life

You deserve tangible skills and techniques, guidance, accountability, and resources to get ahead, not just networking and discussions about mindset and confidence.

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Project Edify Was Created to do 3 Things:
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After attending many women-focused workshops and events, we became frustrated by the lack of actionable insights and tangible tools to take back to our own business or careers. There was too much focus on mindset and less focus on HOW we accomplish HUGE goals and bring about BIG change.  

Women deserve more than mindset;
we need skills for success!

Project Edify is where you learn real-life skills from some major influencers in their field - all while brainstorming solutions with other like-minded people who are also working towards a purposeful goal.


Definition:  verb:  instruct or improve (someone) morally or intellectually

Synonyms:  nurture, inspire, educate, enlighten

Your Edify Membership includes: 

  • Weekly educational training sessions with expert mentors who teach you tangible skills (Event Calendar)

  • Live and Pre-recorded interviews with amazing women where we dive into their career successes and struggles - learn from the best.

  • Mentor Hours - Q&A sessions with industry experts who are hand-selected and curated for maximum impact. (Edify Influence Plus)

  • Complimentary 1:1 Orientation Call with Community Advocate

  • Private, dedicated, community platform provides the opportunity for learning, advice and feedback from peers and mentors.

  • Actionable strategies to implement each week.

  • Strong community of like-minded women committed to your growth.  Gain access to women who have been in your shoes and learn from their experiences and mistakes.

  • Safe and confidential environment where you can be honest about your struggles and gain insights from others and learn new strategies for success. You are not alone!

  • Proven strategies to enhance your career and life and tools to ensure you reach your goals and overcome your biggest challenges.

  • Personalized feedback from experienced professionals who will help you find solutions.

  • Unbiased support and advice. Guidance on ways to balance work and life.  Increased confidence in your abilities. Negotiation tactics to get what you want and deserve. Learn from some of the best minds in the world.

  • Rigorously curated and professionally facilitated sessions.

You Feel

  • Stuck in a rut and unmotivated

  • Frustrated with other programs that don’t offer REAL solutions

  • Isolated and alone in your journey

  • Unsure of your ability and unqualified

You   Want

  • Actionable strategies, not theories

  • Accountability to implement strategies

  • Advice and feedback from women on your specific challenges

  • Community of supportive women providing you guidance

We Offer

  • Inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and expert perspective each and every day. 

  • Committed community of mentors and peers.

  • Tools and systems that will boost your career to the next stage.

  • Exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.

We Aren't

  • Networking and self-promotion opportunity (except dedicated Edify Influence networking sessions)

  • Marketing for your business

  • Positive mindset jargon

  • Unproven theories or methodologies

3 Membership Levels to Choose From:

$27/month or $270/year

  • Weekly Trainings from expert mentors who teach you tangible tools and actionable strategies. (Event Calendar)

  • Access to exclusive interviews with amazing women only available in the community

  • Access to Community for advice and exclusive conversations with mentors and peers

  • Complimentary Orientation Session with Community Advisor

$77/month or $770/year

  • Everything in Edify INSPIRE plus:

  • Weekly Mentoring opportunities through Open Office Hours with Expert Mentors

  • Advanced Training sessions including Workshops, Book Clubs, etc.

  • 10 week focused workshops on specific skills and topics to catapult you forward in your career or business

  • Networking Sessions - the only space in Project Edify where self-promotion is encouraged. Come with an ask of how we can help you promote and grow your business.

$477/month or $4770/year
(By Application Only)

  • Everything in Edify INSPIRE & INFLUENCE plus:

  • Personalized, high touch coaching

  • Weekly Mentoring opportunities through Open Office Hours with Expert Mentors

  • Bi-weekly Group Coaching in curated pods (max 3 women/pod)

  • Small Accountability groups to keep you on track and meeting your goals


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