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Created by Women, for Women.

But that doesn’t mean we are all about positive thinking and mindset – don’t get us wrong, those are critical components and where your journey must begin.  Our mentorship groups challenge you to move beyond talking about how you feel, to actually setting and achieving HUGE goals.  And we don’t let you off the hook.  If you are serious about changing your life, challenging this male-dominated world, and catapulting your business or career to new levels, then you’ve come to the right spot.  F**K the glass ceiling – we are here to break it down.


No matter where you are in your journey, we have a program for you.  


If you aren’t yet ready to climb the corporate ladder because you still lack the confidence to speak up in meetings, we SEE you and we SUPPORT you.  


If you’ve been challenging the status quo in your organization but haven’t yet made the career leap you want, we SEE you and we SUPPORT you. 


If you got fed up with the corporate world and have bravely broken free and started your own gig we SEE you and we SUPPORT you.  



We are women, supporting women to live their best lives, grow incredible businesses, and have it all.  


Women on the Climbing Wall


We believe anything is possible if you are willing to do what’s necessary to achieve it.   Every problem has a solution.  You must decide if you are willing to do what is required.  (spoiler alert – you shouldn’t always be willing).

Confident Woman


We believe women are uniquely qualified to lead.  We are committed to mentoring female leaders to bring their strengths and diversity into the workplace.  We believe women can run companies AND have families if they choose.  We believe men could learn from the qualities of women leaders.

Girl in Classroom


We believe every child has the right to a quality education starting at a young age.  We donate 10% of our revenue to scholarships for underprivileged girls in the Caribbean to attend private schools and get on the path to higher education.

Waterside Women


We believe having empathy allows us to connect with each other and cause change in the world.  By understanding others and truly caring about their well-being and future we create space to grow ourselves and change the world around us.

Learn to Lead, Get Promoted, Build Your Business


Christina Beavis, Founder, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mom, Friend, Advocate

Christina Beavis left her corporate role to open up a consulting firm dedicated to helping women founders and entrepreneurs grow their businesses.   She quickly discovered a significant lack of representation.  I mean, she knew that women were severely underrepresented in the board room and senior level positions.  She wasn’t completely naïve.  But come on….how is it possible that in 2021 women are still struggling to get funding and fighting to get a seat at the table.


She committed to change this.  And that’s how Project Edify was born.  Well, that and a few other kick-ass women who contributed to the idea – you know who you are.


“To reverse the trajectory of lack of women representation in positions of power we need to work together to raise each other up.  I believe that women bring unique skills to the table and we are often better suited for leadership roles – so why aren’t we there yet?  There isn’t one answer or solution but I started Project Edify to support women in their journeys and provide concrete skills and guidance to drive change intentionally.”

Originally from Canada but based in the Turks and Caicos Islands, Christina is a Business Strategist with 20+ years of corporate and consulting experience.   She has led dozens of companies and teams to overcome stagnant growth, develop and deliver technology-driven solutions, achieve outstanding client and profitability growth and fulfill their potential.  Her tenacious attitude guarantees results.  Christina moved to the Caribbean in 2013 with her husband, 3 children, and 2 dogs.   She is passionate about creating a life that matters, giving back, and helping others realize their dreams.