Grow Your Team, Hire Right the First Time, and Take Back Control of Your Business and Life

Join us for the 10-week Expand Intensive and get tangible tools to catapult you to the next level of success.

We guarantee results for you. 

Your Challenges:

  • Out of Control & Overwhelmed

  • Afraid to Make Another Hiring Mistake

  • Don't Know Where To Start

  • Stuck on how to hire great team members

  • Don't Want to Get Stuck with Bad Hire

  • Unsure of how to find qualified applicants

  • Lack of confidence

  • Imposter Syndrome

You Will Gain:

A personalized plan on when and how to hire

Certainty that you are hiring at the right time and for the right role

Roadmap for your business with custom job descriptions, interview questions, assessments and techniques to guarantee a fit the first time

Within 4 weeks, you will have qualified applicants to interview

All the training tools developed and implemented to ensure success for your new hire

Sign-up in 4 Easy Steps:


Fill out the application and tell us more about your goals, challenges, and dreams. 

Don't be shy! The more you share, the better the result.


A quick 15 minute interview allows us to get to know you so we can curate a program that provides you the tools and skills you need.  


Based on your application and interview, we find you a group of like-minded women with similar goals and challenges so you can learn and grow.


You won't pay anything until you have been placed in a suitable cohort.  Payments can be made via credit card, ACH (US), or wire transfer. 

Avoid 6 Crucial Hiring Mistakes

Hiring too quickly
Hiring a "Mini-Me"
Not Training Effectively
Lacking Leadership Skills
Hiring Someone You Like
Not Creating Clear Job Roles
Research shows the cost of a bad hire is
between $25,000 - $50,000.

Join us if:

you feel

  • Stuck in a rut and unmotivated

  • Frustrated with other programs that don’t offer REAL solutions

  • Isolated and alone in your journey

  • Unsure of your ability and unqualified

you want

  • Actionable strategies, not theories

  • Accountability to implement strategies

  • Advice and feedback from women on your specific challenges

  • Community of supportive women providing you guidance

We offer

  • Curated pods of women working towards the same goal as you

  • 24/7 forum so you receive advice from mentors and peers

  • Personalized programs to overcome your biggest challenges

we aren't

  • Networking and self-promotion opportunity

  • Marketing for your business

  • Positive mindset jargon

  • Unproven theories or methodologies

Our 10-week Expand Intensive Includes:

  • Weekly calls with your pod provide educational training with mentors.

  • 24/7 Forums offer the opportunity for advice and feedback from peers and mentors between calls.

  • Accountability to weekly goals.

  • Actionable strategies to implement each week.

  • Small groups with less than 10 women in each pod.

  • Pods are rigorously curated to ensure you are surrounded by like-minded women on a similar journey.

  • We guarantee a fit within each pod.

  • Community of women committed to your growth.

Detailed Course Outline

Join us on a 10-week intensive to learn concrete skills and tools to Expand your business. Topics include:

How to know when it’s the right time to hire
How to know when it’s the right time to hire

and determining what role you need filled

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Developing your business/team
Developing your business/team

culture and values with intention

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Preparing for a new hire including job descriptions,
Preparing for a new hire including job descriptions,

salary expectations, etc.

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Where to look for candidates,
Where to look for candidates,

resume reviewing techniques, and how to weed out bad candidates before the interview

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Interviewing best practices including
Interviewing best practices including

interview questions and assessments to test skills and culture fit

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Leadership – setting clear expectations &
Leadership – setting clear expectations &

boundaries, giving feedback effectively, and holding others accountable, having difficult conversations

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Leadership – managing different
Leadership – managing different

personalities, knowing when to let go of control and delegate effectively

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Meetings – what is necessary
Meetings – what is necessary

for YOUR business. How to structure meetings so they are effective, how often to meet, etc.

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Setting up your new hire
Setting up your new hire

to succeed including training strategies and best practices

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Helping Women Entrepreneurs Grow Their Business

Whether you’re beginning your new business or need to add some structure, this program guarantees to catapult you into success.  We’ve gathered top mentors to help you overcome everyday struggles and created a safe space to learn and grow.   

This isn’t theoretical learning – you will receive feedback and advice from experienced mentors on your biggest challenges.  We will work through solutions together and learn from each other.  


Our forums allow you to get feedback and insights from mentors and your cohort, in between our weekly session.

Unique and Curated

Specifically for You

Let us know what you are struggling with, and we will create a mentorship program to provide you skills, tools, and support to become a better leader.  We run multiple groups simultaneously to ensure you receive a custom experience for your needs.