Creating Female Leaders Today, to Change Tomorrow

Join us for an intensive 10-week mentorship where you will learn to lead through concrete tools, proven strategies, and skills.

Your Challenges:

  • Employees not meeting targets

  • Have to micro-manage to get results

  • Feedback to employees isn’t received well

  • Not respected by employees

  • Meetings feel like a waste of time

  • Feel inauthentic in your role

  • Feel like you are failing

  • You are told you are too “soft” on employees

  • Starting to manage prior colleagues

  • In meetings all day with no time to do work

You Will Learn:

  • How to set clear expectations and boundaries

  • How to manage different personalities

  • How to have difficult conversations

  • How to give feedback productively

  • Meetings – strategies to make them effective

  • Meetings – learn which to cancel and which are important

  • Get accountability in your teams

  • How to delegate effectively

  • Navigate the transition from colleague to manager

  • Plus, get personalized feedback on the specific leadership challenges you have in your organization

Women Manager


Congrats!  You have just been promoted and are now managing a team. Join us as we highlight how to begin your career as a leader in a powerful way and provide you concrete skills to succeed.  


Confident Female Teacher


Designed for women leaders who

want to up their game.  Discover the skills and tools that will transform your leadership style and get mentoring on the real world day to day challenges you are facing. 


Join Our Female Mentorship Programs in 4 Easy Steps:


Fill out the application and tell us more about your goals, challenges, and dreams. 

Don't be shy! The more you share, the better the result.


A quick 15 minute interview allows us to get to know you so we can curate a program that provides you the tools and skills you need.  


Based on your application and interview, we find you a group of like-minded women with similar goals and challenges so you can learn and grow.


You won't pay anything until you have been placed in a suitable cohort.  Payments can be made via credit card, ACH (US), or wire transfer. 

Join us if:

you feel

  • Stuck in a rut and unmotivated

  • Frustrated with other programs that don’t offer REAL solutions

  • Isolated and alone in your journey

  • Unsure of your ability and unqualified

you want

  • Actionable strategies, not theories

  • Accountability to implement strategies

  • Advice and feedback from women on your specific challenges

  • Community of supportive women providing you guidance

We offer

  • Curated pods of women working towards the same goal as you

  • 24/7 forum so you receive advice from mentors and peers

  • Personalized programs to overcome your biggest challenges

we aren't

  • Networking and self-promotion opportunity

  • Marketing for your business

  • Positive mindset jargon

  • Unproven theories or methodologies

Our 10-week Learn to Lead Intensive Includes:

  • Weekly calls with your pod provide educational training with mentors.

  • 24/7 Forums offer the opportunity for advice and feedback from peers and mentors between calls.

  • Accountability to weekly goals.

  • Actionable strategies to implement each week.

  • Small groups with less than 10 women in each pod.

  • Pods are rigorously curated to ensure you are surrounded by like-minded women on a similar journey.

  • We guarantee a fit within each pod.

  • Community of women committed to your growth.

Learn to Lead

Whether you are just starting as a manager or have been the boss for years, there is a group to increase your skills and learn new leadership strategies.  

This isn’t theoretical learning – you will receive feedback and advice from experienced mentors on your biggest challenges.  We will work through solutions together and learn from each other.  


Our forums allow you to get feedback and insights from mentors and your cohort in between our weekly sessions.

Unique and Curated

Specifically for You

Let us know what you are struggling with, and we will create a mentorship program to provide you with the skills, tools, and support to become a better leader.  We run multiple groups simultaneously to ensure you receive a custom experience for your needs.