Introducing Project Edify

My timeline was noisy in March with so many people speaking out and promoting women. Now International Women’s month is over - and it’s crickets. I guess we pack up our platitudes about equality and women’s rights until next year?


Personally, I am not going to stay silent. One month a year is not enough to drive change.

Meet Project Edify – a mentoring platform – created by women, for women. We’ve combined the benefits of mentoring and masterminds. Through targeted education, ongoing consultation, and working together, we can create more female leaders and entrepreneurs.

This is not networking. This is not to talk about our feelings. We will level the playing field and provide women with concrete skills, guidance, and support.

We are going to continue the conversation 365 days a year. If we want to drive change, we need to be dedicated and deliberate.

We are accepting applications here for mentorship programs focused on leadership, career skills, and entrepreneurship starting every month.

If you know of any women who are serious about changing their life, challenging this male-dominated world, and catapulting their business or career to new levels, we’d love to hear from them.

Together we can create change, everyday...not just one month a year.

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