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Mentorship + Mastermind = Project Edify

Imagine a community that is committed to your success and is supporting and guiding you through your challenges, every single week!  This is Project Edify.

Our female mentorship programs combine the benefits of time with mentors who have walked the path you are on and a group of like-minded women who are walking it now.  


This is not a networking group.  We provide education, guidance, accountability, and resources to support you in your journey.   


What are you struggling with the most right now?  Let us know and we will build a cohort to help you.  You aren’t alone.  


Find your tribe, get mentored, and overcome these challenges together.

Transformative Programs
Created by Women, for Women

Programs Starting July 2021:

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Using research and proven strategies, we will provide tangible tools to catapult you to the next level while addressing the 4 Crucial Challenges you face after leaving Corporate role to become an entrepreneur.

10 Weeks:


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Grow your team right the first time.  Join us to gain the tools and support to find the best employees to help you grow your business.  This program will ensure you avoid common hiring mistakes that can cost you thousands.

10 Weeks:


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Join us to discover how to advance your career forward and get promoted.  You will learn the tools and skills that thousands of women have used to get ahead in male-dominated organizations.

10 Weeks:


Join Our Female Mentorship Programs in 4 Easy Steps:


Fill out the application and tell us more about your goals, challenges, and dreams. 

Don't be shy! The more you share, the better the result.


A quick 15 minute interview allows us to get to know you so we can curate a program that provides you the tools and skills you need.  


Based on your application and interview, we find you a group of like-minded women with similar goals and challenges so you can learn and grow.


You won't pay anything until you have been placed in a suitable cohort.  Payments can be made via credit card, ACH (US), or wire transfer. 


Begin with the Edify Intensive.  This 10-week mentorship program will catapult you to the next level of growth.

  • Small groups (max 10 participants)

  • Participants are hand-selected for each mentorship group based on their experience, interests, and expertise.  

  • Rigorously curated to provide you what you need NOW to move forward.

  • We run multiple Intensive groups at once so each group can be personalized and bring the most value to all participants.

  • Each week an industry subject expert will speak, teach, and share valuable insights.  These industry experts are hand-selected and curated to ensure the highest quality program based on the individual participants specific needs. 

  • These programs are bespoke for each unique group and not a cookie-cutter program we repeat.

After your 10-week Intensive, we guarantee you will walk away with valuable, actionable learnings that will transform your career. 


  • Continue forward momentum gained in Edify Intensive

  • Peer Accountability groups

  • Slack/Forum access

  • 20 high level trainings/year with top-tier mentors



  • Exclusive invite-only

  • Micro groups of 3 peers on similar paths

  • Monthly sessions provide individual attention with top mentors

  • Private forum/slack channel

  • Customized training to support your journey

  • All the benefits of Edify Authority